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Eviden launches comms security solution

Eviden has announced the launch of the latest iteration of its Lifelink Hoox - the T40 - at this year's Critical Communications World. The solution is designed to secure digital communications.

The company describes the product as an “all-in-one solution, adaptable to COTS smartphones upon request.” It is designed to “protect high-level confidentiality and prevents inappropriate behaviours such as malware, virus, rootkit or unwanted connections to servers.”

Features include the securing of the phone itself, full encryption of voice and messages, as well as a secure app store. The solution is available in 'on customer premises' mode and SaaS mode, the latter of which is hosted by Eviden itself.

Discussing the product in a statement, a spokesperson for the company said: “Eviden’s Lifelink Hoox has been providing highly secure communications and data protection since 2013, featuring specialised hardware and a deeply hardened Android operating system."

The spokesperson continued: "With the Lifelink Hoox T40, Eviden delivers a dedicated device designed to safeguard communications confidentiality during critical operations. [The solution] maintains the security and integrity of exchanged information, ensuring continuous and reliable communications, even in extreme situations where no other smartphone can be relied upon."

Head of Eviden mission critical systems, Bernard Payer, said: "The new Lifelink Hoox T40 incorporates unprecedented features to prevent breaches. It has been designed for organisations and individuals, for whom confidentiality and privacy are critical. We are proud to propose this high-end technology to the market.”

The company – which specialises in digital, cloud, big data and security solutions – is owned by Atos.