Consort Digital has a busy CCW

Consort Digital has released several new solutions and services at Critical Communications World 2024 in Dubai.

The first is an upgrade of its PRO ONE managed services, thereby “facilitating the transition from narrowband to broadband connectivity for professional users.”

Discussing the move in a statement, a spokesperson for the company said: “Under the upgraded PRO ONE managed services, clients will have access to a diverse array of network and connectivity options, deployment platforms, devices, and applications. The enhanced service offerings will encompass various plans tailored to meet the distinct needs of different user segments.

“PRO ONE managed services will now offer both narrowband and broadband connectivity options, allowing customers to select between the two or opt for a hybrid combination. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose the most suitable network solution for their specific requirements.”

According to the company, the move will leverage its MCX ONE product, the latest iteration of which includes multi-tenancy and mobile data management capabilities. MCX ONE is described as a “3GPP-based open standard mission-critical communication platform,” supporting PTT, data, and video over broadband, as well as also integrating narrowband.

Staying on the subject of MCX PRO, Consort has also used its presence in the CCW exhibition as an opportunity to showcase the solution for the rail industry.

Discussing this, a spokesperson said: “The solution caters to various use cases in rail transportation, including communication between train pilots and control rooms, interface with signalling systems, and CCTV video streaming to control rooms.”

Finally, the company has launched a mobile device management solution for the MDX ONE, intended to give organisations “comprehensive control over their mobile devices and data security for private networks.”

“Leveraging advanced features and robust security protocols, the MDM solution offers a seamless and secure management experience for mobile devices across diverse industries,” said the company. “The software doesn’t use any cloud services and can run on customer premises, even without internet connection - LAN or VPN -, making it exceptionally well-suited for mission critical private networks.”

Features highlighted by Consort include kiosk mode application, device status monitoring, remote software updates and more.