TCCA launches online user events

TCCA has announced Critical Communications (CC) Bitesize, a new multi-part online series focusing on critical communications entirely from the user perspective.

The first part - which takes place on 23-24 June – will look specifically at the use of narrowband in verticals such as public safety, utilities and transport. The two subsequent events, taking place later in the year, will focus on critical broadband and ‘future technology.’

Topics up for discussion during ‘Critical narrowband: the user perspective’ in June will include the use of the technology across the globe, how organisations can properly exploit narrowband radio systems, the evolution of the TETRA standard, as well as how to choose the right solution.

Discussing why the user perspective is important, TCCA chief executive, Tony Gray, said: “Users are the key participants in conversations around critical communications. They are the people who need to use the products and services, and they are the people who drive the market. If the users don’t want or like a product or service, then it won’t succeed commercially.”

He continued: “There needs to be as many opportunities as possible for users to engage across the critical communications ecosystem, to ensure they are aware of - and can influence - future developments. Users are in the frontline, protecting our communities and we need to do as much as we can to ensure they have the best possible resources.”

‘Critical narrowband: the user perspective’ will take place from 23-24 June 2021. For more information, click here.

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