Antenna and test and measurement specialist PCTEL has announced its membership of TCCA.

Speaking of the move, the company’s chief operating officer, Rishi Bharadwaj, said: “PCTEL is at the forefront of several important trends in critical communications, including 5G, public safety broadband, and the growing demand for reliable radio coverage in buildings. Together with TCCA, we can help to enable reliable critical communications connectivity worldwide, both indoors and out.”

TCCA chief executive Tony Gray said: “PCTEL’s expertise across the range of wireless technologies will enable the company to bring much knowledge to TCCA, particularly relating to the US market.

“With FirstNet leading the field in public safety broadband implementation - and with TETRA steadily increasing its footprint in North America - PCTEL’s experience will be a highly valuable resource. We look forward to their participation in our work.”

PCTEL is an American company, headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

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