German dog rescue team updates critical comms

The Bavarian rescue dog team [BRH] has rolled out Airbus’ Agnet solution, as part of a project funded by the German government.

Discussing the deployment in a statement, a spokesperson for the company said: “Thanks to the smartphone app, BRH teams can communicate super-quickly via the 5G standard - even in remote and rural areas - coordinate their missions, and be on-site in time to save lives.”

Airbus’ partner Selectric was awarded the contract to provide the equipment for “several reasons.” These included system security, the ability to use voice, data, video and geolocation services, as well the ease with which the solution is designed to be deployed at scale.

The spokesperson continued: “The BRH access Agnet via a smartphone app, and can therefore use digital group radio with unlimited range. Agnet makes it possible to use Push-To-Talk, individual and group calls, as well as emergency calls with location transmission and location tracking.”