Airbus announces Middle East roll-out

Airbus is supplying hybrid radio solutions to the Kuwaiti government as part of the latter’s ongoing transition from narrowband to broadband.

According to a statement issued by the company, its Agnet 900 and Tactilon Dabat are being deployed “across local public safety entities” within the country.

The latter is a combined LTE smartphone and TETRA radio, while the former is a collaboration platform enabling “rapid communication among teams wherever they are and whatever devices they use.” Agnet 900 functionality includes voice, multimedia messaging, and real-time location tracking.

Speaking of the deployment, head of Middle East and North Africa for Airbus Secure Land Communications, Andrew Forbes said: “Kuwait is steadily moving ahead with digital transformation initiatives. One of [these] efforts is intensified adoption of secure communication platforms based on broadband technology.

He continued: “In terms of national defense, public security and emergency management, a digital communications system will help reinforce quick coordination, especially during critical moments. Airbus solutions are capable of guaranteeing a smoother connection and facilitating better communication.”

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