Airbus wins major Hong Kong contract

Airbus has supplied a suite of its Tactilon Agnet 800 hybrid solution devices to container port operator Hong Kong International Terminals.

According to the manufacturer, the new devices will cover nine on-site port areas, as well as over 20 dispatcher and network management workstations.

A spokesperson for Airbus said: “[Our] hybrid solution is a highly reliable application for business critical use. It allows professional voice and message communication between both smartphone and TETRA radio users, as well as with the control room. TETRA features such as emergency calls and location tracking are also available, and benefit from a high level of quality and security."

Marko Tiesmaki, head of the Asia-Pacific region for Airbus Secure Land Communications, said: “We are extremely proud to provide our state-of-the-art hybrid technology to Hong Kong International Terminals. The Tactilon Agnet collaboration platform will provide secure individual - or group - image, data and voice communication."

The technology was supplied via HONOH, Airbus’ reseller in Hong Kong.

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