Airbus has teamed up with sales and service specialist Selectric to launch a new push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) application, the Tactilon Agnet 500.

The Airbus Tactilon Agnet application platform runs on desktops and standard smartphones as well as ruggedised devices to provide what the company described as “a future-proof mobile communication solution for customers with mission and business critical communication needs”.

According to Airbus, Agnet is a "solution as a service" acting as a software service and a cloud solution and Selectric will support the customer interface aspect with sales activities, training, customer advice and billing.

Agnet focuses on instant group communication via a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button that enables professional collaboration in a group. The messaging module allows sending image, text and video content to previously selected groups and also offers the integration of external webcams in public places, whose videos can be forwarded to the control room or team members at the operational site.

The device will be launched across three versions which Airbus claimed will focus on push to talk group communication: Tactilon Agnet 500; TETRA interoperability: Tactilon Agnet 800; P25, DMR, TETRA and analog interoperability: Tactilon Agnet 900.

Niklas Lagerblom from Airbus said the Tactilon Agnet devices supported “easy communication between users of smartphones and those of professional radios” key for hybrid user groups of the future.

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Author: Richard Hook