Hytera has launched a new TETRA product, in the form of its PT590 handset.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the radio offers “outstanding audio quality with its high-sensitivity speaker and optimised cavity design, producing loudness up to 106 phons.”

Discussing more features, the spokesperson continued: “Its unique microphone cavity design eliminates wind noise, guaranteeing clear voice communication. The AI noise cancellation algorithm adjusts to different types of noise, while advanced echo reduction algorithms suppress howling echoes effectively even when radios are as close as only 30cm to each other.”

The product also includes -120dbm RX sensitivity, and dual-frequency positioning processing technology “raising the location accuracy to one meter." It comes in ‘standard’ and ‘advanced’ versions, the latter of which will be launched later this year, including WLAN connectivity.

Hytera deputy director of global marketing, Steven Hao, said: “Professionals in mission-critical sectors require proven and trusted radios to ensure connectivity with the team when getting their jobs done.

“Equipped with an abundance of innovative features, PT590 raises the bar of TETRA portables. It’s not only ready for the missions but also ready to lead the evolution of TETRA devices.”

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Author: Philip Mason