New PoC product from Hytera

Hytera has launched a new PTT over cellular device - the MNC360 - designed for use in the transportation sector.

Describing the product features, a spokesperson for the company said: “[It] adopts dual antennas and dual SIMs to ensure continuous communication. The external dual LTE antennas work together to increase the receiver sensitivity by 3dB, avoiding intermittent voice in areas with a weaker signal. With dual sim capability, the MNC360 automatically switches to the network, with greater signal strengths for constant and reliable connectivity in any situation.”

The spokesperson continued: “The MNC360 features a 4-watt speaker with distortion suppression, howling suppression, and noise cancellation technology, which enables the radio to transmit loud and clear audio. It also offers a solution to combat the more extreme noisy environments by featuring the capability to have an 8W external speaker.”

The device supports an ‘over-speed’ alarm, fatigue driving alarm, as well as automatic key locks to help “the driver focus more on the road and the job at hand.”

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