Simoco wins petrochemical contract

Simoco is upgrading a trunked private mobile radio network for a petrochemical company in the Middle East.

According to Simoco, the new solution “will deliver increased capacity on the system allowing all staff to communicate clearly and reliability.” It will replace the current MPT1327 trunked system, which is made up of around 600 ATEX hand portable devices, desktop ‘fixed’ mobiles and IP-connected PC dispatchers.

The dispatch system incorporates voice recording, utilising VHF marine base stations and dispatch consoles.

Speaking of the roll-out, chief operating officer at Simoco Wireless Solutions, Andy Woodhall, said: “Having robust and reliable communications in the oil and gas industry is crucial.

“The new system [will play] a pivotal part in driving efficiency in the production processes, as well as providing the tools to ensure that health and safety policy are adhered to. We have been supporting [this] customer in country for over 20 years.”

The unnamed petrochemical company operates onshore over a large terrain, producing liquefied natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

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