Sepura starts TETRA terminal production in Shenzhen

Sepura has announced that the first TETRA terminals bearing the Sepura brand have been manufactured at Hytera’s Longgang factory in Shenzhen, China. The terminals manufactured in Shenzhen will be supplied to public safety forces and organisations with critical communications requirements in the Asia region.

The radios, including STP9000 Series hand-portables and SRG3900 mobile terminals were manufactured in December, following the closure of the Sepura production facility in Malaysia in October 2017.

During 2018 the project will expand to include both the SC20 and the SC21 hand-portables, while European manufacturing will be focussed at Teltronic in Spain.

Duncan Crouch, operations director at Sepura said: “As part of Sepura’s commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to producing market leading products that fulfil the expectations of our customers. To help achieve this goal, it is a great benefit to Sepura to make use of the manufacturing expertise available in Shenzhen to supplement our existing manufacturing capability in Europe.”

One of the key advantages to the company in bringing manufacturing within the wider Hytera group is to ensure that Sepura can maintain strict controls on quality and production, while being able to flexibly respond to global demand.

The milestone was achieved ahead of time despite being a significant logistical challenge for the team. Sepura’s acting CEO Steve Barber praised the co-ordination between the project teams in Cambridge and Shenzhen, saying: “The early achievement of this manufacturing milestone is tribute to the many hours spent working on the project and the dedication of our staff in ensuring success. The opening of a production line in China enhances our global operations and allows us to better support our customers in the region.”