Sepura achieves Airwave approval for its SC21 TETRA hand-portable

Sepura’s SC21 TETRA hand-portable has been approved for use by both Airwave and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for use on the UK’s Airwave Network, making it the second terminal in Sepura’s SC2 Series to receive network approval (the first was the SC20).

The SC21 is Sepura’s latest TETRA terminal and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and the company states that these capabilities help to future-proof the device to support mission-critical UK operations during the transition from the Airwave Network to the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

Phil Woodley, Sepura’s head of products – TETRA devices said: “The SC21 has been designed with the user in mind; it is rugged, user-friendly and flexible. Despite its small size and light weight it can still host one of the largest screens on a TETRA device, providing visibility in all lighting conditions. The advanced design of the SC21 offers support for additional data bearers and provides an audio capability that is the best available to TETRA users, coupled with an additional 4dB of sensitivity and Class 3 RF power to maximise coverage even in enclosed locations.”

Gary Maughan, regional director for UK and Ireland at Sepura said “The SC21 extends Sepura’s proud tradition of supporting UK public safety users, and extends the key benefits of the SC20 terminal in a compact package. The small, lightweight design of the SC21 combined with a specifically designed short antenna means it can be worn comfortably on the shoulder, or hidden unobtrusively for covert operations. The choice of user interface can be configured to replicate that of currently deployed radios, minimising training requirements and user confusion whilst operating under pressure.”

Sepura claims that the SC2 series hand-portables enhance the user experience by enabling data sharing through narrowband data applications and providing superior audio even in extreme weather conditions..