Public safety software provider enables ESN interface

NEC Software Solutions has provided control room technology to a group of UK fire and rescue services known as the Networked Fire Services Partnership (NFSP). The partnership is made up of Devon & Somerset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, and Dorset and Wiltshire FRSs.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

According to NEC, the technology has enabled a successful transition to the new control room interface intended to enable continued use of Airwave while transitioning to the Emergency Services Network. This is known as the Dispatch Communication System, or DCS.

Discussing the deployment, a spokesperson for the company said: “NECSWS collaborated closely with NFSP to develop a new interface, which is compatible with the existing control room communication system and the new DCS. The solution ensures that the NFSP can continue to respond to every incident as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Business relationship manager for NFSP, Jill Horn, said: "We are processing calls from people at some of the worst moments of their life, so it’s vital we can quickly provide the help they need. Any disruption could compromise our ability to promptly respond to the public.

“Not only was the transition [to the new system] smooth, without any impact on our services, but it has also contributed to strengthening the future resilience of our emergency services."

The NFSP was formed in 2013 and focuses on “establishing a resilient control system to enhance collaboration and efficiency among member fire services.”