UK ambulance control room pilot complete

Isle of Wight Ambulance Service in the UK has deployed Frequentis’ LifeX control room platform.

Frequentis describes LifeX as: “A state-of-the-art control room solution used by ambulance dispatchers to communicate with ambulance crews. The system enables the dispatch team to contact crews in enhanced ways, using voice and data, [thereby] providing greater resilience.”

Discussing the rollout, a spokesperson from the service said: “LifeX has led to a streamlined communication process, allowing our dispatchers to operate more effectively, and allowing our crews to respond to those using 999 and NHS 111 services more efficiently.”

“Isle of White has fully tested the new platform and has helped the national programme move into its delivery phase, rolling out to the rest of the country.”

Isle of Wight Head of Ambulance, Victoria White, said: “This system will undoubtedly improve the way that we respond to calls. It includes [functionality] to contact other partner services quickly and easily, and it has a unique mapping function splitting emergency and non-emergency calls.”

The Ambulance Radio Programme’s Ian Hough said: “We would like to extend our thanks to the Isle of Wight for leading the way and agreeing to be the pilot Trust. The achievement of this significant milestone represents a major step forward in the control room solutions programme, and provides a good foundation for future rollout to all ambulance services across Great Britain.”

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