P25 drone innovation takes flight

Simoco P25 radio equipment has transmitted from a Vocus skyborne mobile network drone. According to a statement from the company, the drone is capable of providing coverage across 28 square kilometres.

Discussing the technology involved, a spokesperson stated that the airborne solution combines an XM2 drone and ground-based power system, and Vocus Satellite/Starlink connectivity and private LTE and P25 radio equipment payloads. “The result,” they said, “is a highly autonomous tethered drone system which can quickly be launched to provide connectivity in situations where existing coverage is not available or has been damaged.”

The spokesperson continued: “The solution redefines the boundaries of wireless communication capabilities. This powerful combination of technology allows the drone to act as a mobile tower in the skies, granting connectivity across expansive areas, covering up to 28 square kilometres for 4G and even further for P25.”

The drone is powered by XM2’s EON800 'tether' system, which allows it to remain airborne “almost indefinitely.”

Discussing the technology, CEO of Simoco Australasia, Peter Scarlata, said: “By combining private LTE technology, Vocus Satellite/Starlink and our P25 technology with XM2’s drone integration, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of wireless communication and data transmission. We look forward to empowering businesses to overcome connectivity challenges and unlock the full potential of their operations”.

Simon Lardner, head of wireless business at Vocus said: “Vocus is very proud to be working with Simoco and its Australian-developed radio solution for emergency services. Simoco’s P25 technology is perfectly suited to rapid deployment via drone, creating a blanket of two-way radio coverage for first responders in less than an hour.”