Nokia to roll-out 5G for Japanese industry

Nokia is providing standalone 5G throughout the Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

According to the company, it will be working on behalf of Japanese CATV operator the KATCH Network, which plans to offer “autonomous industrial-grade private wireless networks for businesses in the region.” Nokia describes the Aichi Prefecture as the “nerve centre” of automotive and high-tech manufacturing in Japan.

Speaking of the project, KATCH Network executive vice president, Tatsuya Yamada, said: “There is a huge concentration of industrial companies in Aichi Prefecture. Given Nokia’s 5G expertise, we can now help Aichi-based manufacturers benefit from reliable and secure, high-bandwidth networking.”

Donny Janssens, customer team, Nokia Enterprise Japan, said: “Private wireless networking is a crucial component of manufacturing’s digital transformation. By offering high-performance 5G networking to businesses locally, KATCH will play an important role in strengthening the region’s leadership for manufacturing innovation.”

KATCH is planning the commercial launch of its new network in the second quarter of 2022, with full deployment consisting of around 100 cell sites. It currently provides cable TV, internet and telecommunications services in the Aichi Prefecture.

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