Nokia rolls-out 5G to renewable energy giant

Nokia has entered a framework agreement to provide private 4G/5G to energy company Equinor for its international operations.

According to a statement from the company, the eight year agreement includes “hardware, software, design, radio planning, implementation and support.” The work will begin this summer, with the installation of a private LTE network at Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal windfarms, located in the UK.

Deployment is being carried out in collaboration with systems integrator NetNordic.

Speaking of the solution, Nokia president of cloud and network services, RaghavSahgal, said: “Equinor is one of the most forward-looking energy companies in the world, with a growing wind and renewables business, and impressive sustainability targets for its oil and gas production. Nokia has a long history of working closely with the energy industry, and we are pleased to deploy our 5G-ready technology to Equinor.”

Jarl Øverby, NetNordicGroup CEO, said:“Working with Nokia we are able to deliver the secure, smart, offshore wireless digital fabric that Equinor can use to support its communication and maintenance activities, and safety objectives.

"This includes the flexibility to employ a wide range of integrated applications, including Nokia DAC teams comms and Nokia drone networks, and the capability to deploy them to the edge.”

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