Nokia to enable critical broadband for Danish utilities

Nokia has reached an agreement with Danish operator Cibicom to provide a new, country-wide, mission-critical 450MHz LTE network for essential services suppliers.

According to Nokia, the project will ensure that “key mission-critical services throughout Denmark will have access to highly reliable and secure connectivity, as well as building preparedness for mass volume IoT adoption.”

Speaking of the project, a spokesperson said that it “will ensure that Cibicom is in a strong position to adapt to changing customer requirements, and offer new opportunities and application support around 5G 3.5Ghz. Smart grids and remote managed petrol stations are just some of the areas where these systems will be needed, as well as emergency services.”

The news follows on from Cibicom’s 450mHz license acquisition, which took place in June of last year.

COO of operations at Cibicom, Mette Slesvig, said: “Our decision to choose Nokia was based not only on their radio access technology but also their ability to provide a service that is reliable, robust, and secure.

“With IoT and managed services becoming increasingly important to our critical business customers, we need a partner that can not only provide network and service quality support for LTE-M communications, but can also adapt with us to provide more capacity, and be ready for whatever customers need us to provide.”

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