Nokia launches industrial broadband devices

Nokia has launched a range of industrial 5G devices, for use in environments such as “ports, mines, chemical plants and offshore platforms.”

These include ruggedised handheld devices, as well as “enhancements to worker and device related applications.” Discussing the move, a spokesperson said: “By adding these new assets to our end-to-end platform for industrial digitalisation - along with our private wireless and edge applications - Nokia reinforces its industry leadership with a market leading portfolio.”

The range includes a ruggedised handheld unit, intended to support public safety workers communicating over Band 68. “The US-manufactured device,” says Nokia, “has a long lifecycle and is IP 68-rated for operation in remote or harsh environments.”

The company is also adding to its portfolio of ruggedised 5G handhelds with EX-rated phones, having partnered with MOBILE GmbH. Nokia describes the latter as a “world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions.”

Other new products include industrial solutions deployed over the company’s Digital Automation Cloud, and the updated Nokia Team Comms 23 application.

Discussing the launch, CEO of MOBILE, Martin Haaf said: “Through this partnership, we are pleased to support Nokia with our decades of expertise in explosion-proof mobile devices. The combination of our devices with Nokia's solutions offers companies a great added value on their digitalisation journey.”