Nokia claims UAV first

Nokia has launched what it calls the “first CE-certified 5G automated drone-in-a-box solution for secure, reliable public sector and industrial operations.”

According to a statement, the solution – which connects over 4G/LTE and 5G – includes drones with a ‘dual gimbal’ camera, a docking station and “edge data processing.”

The statement continues: “[An] open API framework [also] allows integration of third-party applications for extensive customisation of the solution to expand use cases and capabilities.

“Beyond visual line of sight operations with real-time kinetic positioning improves situational awareness. Dual modem connectivity allow [the drones] to simultaneously connect to multiple networks, complying with [the] system redundancy that is commonly required by aviation regulatory bodies.”

The product is designed for use in a variety of sectors, including public safety, energy, defence, construction, and in relation to smart cities. The drones can be operated remotely – for instance during search and rescue operations-, or programmed to manage “autonomous scheduled flights”.

Thomas Eder, Nokia head of embedded wireless solutions said: “Our mission is to reshape the industrial UAV market, providing enhanced situational awareness to aid search and rescue, surveillance, and other UAV operations.

“Nokia Drone Networks has been designed to comply with the remote operation requirements of aviation regulatory bodies such as EASA in Europe and FAA in the United States.”