Nokia claims mmWave world first

Nokia has achieved sustained average downlink speeds of over two gigabits per second, using millimetre wave spectrum and 5G fixed wireless access. The achievement took place over a distance of just under 11 kilometers.

According to the company, the download speed was the fastest ever recorded worldwide. It was accomplished using Nokia’s 5G extended range mmWave solution at the OuluZone test facility in Oulu, Finland.

Discussing the test in detail, a spokesperson said: “[It] utilised Nokia’s AirScale baseband and AirScale 24GHz (n258 band) mmWave radio, and Nokia FastMile 5G PoC customer premises equipment. Testing involved eight component carriers in the downlink, aggregating 800MHz of mmWave spectrum. This enabled a top downlink speed of 2.1 Gbps, and an uplink speed of 57.2 Mbps.

“This achievement demonstrates the reach and connectivity speeds that 5G mmWave can deliver. It also lays the foundations for high-quality internet connectivity solutions delivered via FWA to areas where wired connections are not always possible.”

Head of strategy and technology at Nokia Mobile Networks, Ari Kynäslahti, said: “We just set a new speed record for extended range 5G mmWave. This demonstrates that mmWave solutions will be an essential building block for operators to efficiently deliver widespread, multi-gigabit 5G broadband coverage. [This will] complement sub-6 GHz spectrum assets.”