Motorola unveils new products in Vienna

Motorola Solutions has launched several new solutions at this year’s Critical Communications World, taking place this week in Austria.

The products include its MXP7000 and MXM7000 portable and mobile radios, as well as the L6Q automatic number plate recognition system. The third solution is Critical Connect, which Motorola describes as “a new cloud-based communication service that eliminates barriers between different communication networks, enabling connectivity between multiple agencies during major emergencies or cross-border incidents.”

Discussing its new mobile radio solutions, the company described the MXP7000 as an “all in one mission-critical communications portable device that unifies TETRA and 4G LTE voice and data communications.” The MXM7000, meanwhile, can “turn any vehicle into a mobile broadband hotspot and extend connectivity by tethering a range of communications devices together.”

A spokesperson for the company said: “Rapidly changing technologies and user requirements continue to drive the need for modernisation, including cross-border communication in major emergencies, identifying threats with artificial intelligence, and deploying cloud solutions for remote operations.”

Motorola senior vice president, Mark Schmidl, said: “From the first moment an emergency call is received, through to the closure of investigations, emergency services need technologies that support their mission of protecting communities.

“During CCW, we will demonstrate how our purposeful approach to research, development and design is fully aligned with our customers' needs, enabling them to uphold safety, work more efficiently, and build greater trust with the communities they serve.”

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