Motorola enables Interpol database access

Police officers from Surrey and Sussex in the UK are using Motorola Solutions’ Pronto app to access Interpol’s crime database.

According to a statement, the newly added functionality will make the information contained on the database available to around 4,500 officers across the two forces. This includes “millions of international records including warrants, [information relating to] stolen property and threats related to weapons.”

Detective chief superintendent Steven Boniface of Sussex Police said: “It takes an average of 1.2 seconds to run a query through the Interpol database using our mobile [devices]. Officers can run a search from any location at any time, leveraging [this] vital source of intelligence to increase safety for themselves and the public.”

Fergus Mayne, Motorola country manager for UK and Ireland, said: “Police officers need rapid access to relevant, up-to-date global data in order to assess potential threats and keep themselves and the public safe. Developed locally in the UK, Pronto is built for the specific needs of its police and has successfully supported hundreds of communities.”

The statement continued that UK’s departure from the European Union has led to increasing reliance on Interpol, due to police forces no longer having access to the Schengen Information System.

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