UK police force deploys remote working app

Wiltshire Police in the UK is providing its frontline officers with Motorola Solutions’ Pronto app, the company has announced.

According to a statement from Motorola, the deployment is aligned with the goals of Wiltshire’s Police and Crime Plan, including those related to the “provision of appropriate technology tools.” The latter is to help “better serve and engage with [Wiltshire’s] population of more than 700,000 residents."

A spokesperson for Motorola describes Pronto as “integrating critical information from multiple police databases. [It is an] advanced mobile policing solution, enabling officers to efficiently and accurately complete administrative tasks in the field to maximise the time spent in their communities.”

The spokesperson continued: “With Pronto, officers use their mobile devices to efficiently capture incident details, such as those related to road collisions and traffic infringements, rather than traditional paper notebooks. Reports are shared securely with back office systems, while officers remain in the field.”

Motorola country manager, UK and Ireland, Fergus Mayne, said: “Pronto has become the one of the most widely deployed mobile policing applications in Great Britain, trusted by more than 66,000 users.

“The modernisation of work processes has allowed the country's police forces to cut down on administrative and travel times, saving an average of two hours per officer per shift allowing police officers to spend more time in their communities.”

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