Huawei launches utilities solution

The company has launched what it calls its Intelligent Distribution System for the electricity generation and distribution sector.

Huawei CEO, Liu Chao

According to the company, the solution is intended to address “high line loss, poor reliability, and heavy pressure on new energy load management.” It enables power companies to move from “single-point” digitalisation to “architecture-supported, open, evolvable and systematic” digitalisation.

A spokesperson for the company said: “[The solution] utilises various key technologies, based on a cloud-pipe-edge-pipe-device architecture.

“[We] suggest using the on-premise private cloud as the digital foundation on the cloud side. Both wired and wireless solutions for the backhaul network are available.”

The statement continued: “The Intelligent Distribution Solution enables the monitoring of distribution networks, real-time detection of the 10kV line status, and intelligent management of low-voltage distributed new energy.”

According to Huawei, the technology has already been rolled-out in China.

Also launched by the company at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was its Intelligent Factory Solution. Described in a statement, this “adopts a technology architecture of ‘one cloud, one network, and one platform’, which streamlines the engineering data flow, business information flow, and production process flow.” It integrates IP, industrial passive optical networks, and 5G.

CEO of Huawei's manufacturing and large enterprises business unit, Liu Chao, said: "The integration of digital technology and the real economy is advancing. Huawei will continue to leverage technological innovation and industry know-how to provide intelligent products and solutions that cover the entire value chain of manufacturing enterprises.”