Comms giant develops ‘green’ 5G solution

Huawei has launched what it calls the world's first ‘Giga Green’ 5G base station site, designed for “optimal energy efficiency and performance.”

According to a statement released by the company, the initiative leverages its ultra-wideband RRU and BladeAAU Pro solutions, in order to cut the down the required number of base stations at a given site. It also “supports more frequency bands, and boosts coverage and capacity while consuming less power.”

Speaking of the launch, a spokesperson said: “Green 5G is an unstoppable trend, driven by two pressing needs. First, the urgent demand to conserve energy and reduce emissions. Second, the demand for more network capacity, which keeps growing as traffic surges. 5G development must take a green path, improving energy efficiency of wireless networks while achieving optimal performance.”

The BladeAAU Pro is designed to integrate active and passive elements into a single box, supporting 64 channels with a maximum transmit power of 320 W, as well as providing "upgraded ports for frequency bands."

President of Huawei's SRAN product line, Aaron Jiang, said: “The Giga Green site sets a new benchmark for 5G construction in Europe. Huawei will continue to innovate towards better network performance and higher energy efficiency of wireless networks.”

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