Everbridge Dubai control room deployment

Dubai Civil Defense has rolled out Everbridge’s incident management platform. According to a statement, the platform will be deployed for “operational and crisis management, dispatching, and incident command.”

Discussing the technology, a spokesperson for the company said: “Working closely with Esharah Etisalat and Security Solutions, Everbridge [has provided] the software to coordinate the management of first responders via a single, modular, and multi-lingual user interface. [This] supports desktop and mobile workstations, smartphones, and tablets, as well as a range of alphabets including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Chinese.”

Head of command and control room solutions at Esharah Etisalat and Security Solutions, Fahd Tahir, said: “The introduction of our cutting-edge Everbridge CAD system at Dubai Civil Defense has ushered in a transformative era for our emergency response capabilities.

“By harnessing intelligent algorithms and real-time data analysis, we've achieved a substantial reduction in response times, guaranteeing swift assistance during critical situations. Moreover, the digitisation of [nearly 1,000] operations has streamlined workflows, eradicating errors inherent in manual processes."

Bryan Barney, Everbridge chief product officer, said: “We are honored to support the operational resilience of a world-class city such as Dubai in its mission to serve and protect its millions of residents and visitors.”