DAMM launches a VHF TETRA radio at CCW

DAMM has launched what it claims to be the world’s first TETRA radio that operates in VHF.

The new VHF FT5 TETRA handset allows TETRA users to make use of the extra coverage that can be achieved with VHF. The device is the result of a joint project between DAMM and Funktel GmbH; it includes:

  • 3W output power supporting infrastructure savings due to wider coverage
  • Full, proven TETRA feature set
  • Robust and shock resistant rubber coating to protect against drop damage
  • Outdoor usage with IP65 protection
  • Positioning – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

The radio can work in conjunction with the DAMM BS422 MultiTech Base Station, which can also operate TETRA in VHF.

Jochen Bösch, DAMM’s senior director engineering, said: “Our customers have long been asking for a VHF TETRA radio. While UHF frequencies are by far superior in build-up areas, VHF is more suitable when it comes to open areas. With this VHF TETRA radio our customers can enhance their current range and benefit from the large coverage per site in rural areas”.

“Driven by frequency allocations and coverage considerations, we see a clear need for TETRA in VHF from many different countries”, said Jens Thostrup, DAMM’s CEO. “We are happy to be able to fill this gap in the market; unlike other manufacturers, who will not start development without a large up-front order, we believe that there is great potential in this market and are confident to invest in it,” he adds.

Funktel GmbH is a manufacturer of professional security and communications solutions based on DECT and TETRA radio frequencies for industry, public utilities and authorities