DAMM Australia wins approval for TETRA use in VHF

​DAMM Australia has obtained country-wide approval for TETRA two-way radio systems to be used in VHF spectrum. This means that Australian end-users can now apply for VHF frequencies if they wish to use TETRA.

The company states that VHF spectrum offers the following benefits when compared with UHF spectrum:

  • Improved RF propagation in rural, wooded or undulating hilly areas
  • More cost-effective coverage when deployed underground using distributed antenna systems
  • Expanded telemetry coverage

“VHF frequencies are extremely well suited for Australia with its vast rural areas as well as its many mining operations. We are delighted that we can now offer VHF in TETRA mode to our customers,” said Geoff Wood, technical director at DAMM Australia.

DAMM offers the FT5 TETRA handheld radio that operates in VHF, which it developed in conjunction with Funktel. The FT5 is supported by the DAMM MultiTech Outdoor System (BS422), which can also operate in VHF. The company adds that it is possible to run both VHF and UHF in the same network using separate BS422 base stations operating the DAMM TetraFlex software, a set-up most suited for customers operating in a mix of built-up and rural areas.