Airbus signs MNO MCX agreement

Airbus has signed an agreement with operator POST Luxembourg to introduce its Agnet MCx solution to the Luxembourg market.

Discussing the agreement, an Airbus spokesperson said: “Agnet MCx will be made available to POST Luxembourg critical communications customers for use on their 5G network. Public safety and governmental organisations - as well as communal administrations and private companies - will be able to benefit from [this].”

The company describes Agnet MCx as providing mission critical push-to-talk, as well as secure instant messaging, video streaming/sharing and location services.

Airbus SLC head of Europe, Eric Davalo, said: “We are very pleased to enter into this partnership. Airbus has a leading role in the critical communications industry, and is involved in leading projects in Europe such as BroadWay and RRF. It has long term partnerships with mobile network operators in many different countries and continents.”

Cliff Konsbruck, deputy managing director of POST Luxembourg, said: “POST Luxembourg is entering a strategic partnership with a European industry flagship, the common goal being to bring value creation to the Luxembourg market.

“Airbus’ Agnet MCx solution integrates with POST Luxembourg’s core network, while taking advantage of specific 5G features such as slicing, so that network capacity can be allocated and guaranteed to mission critical communications.”

The agreement signing ceremony took place at POST Luxembourg’s Headquarters.