Airbus consolidates presence in India

​Airbus has announced that it will supply additional Tactilon Agnet licenses to BSNL, which is a network operator in India.

According to a statement, the 20,000 additional licenses will be issued over a three year period, to public safety users and “industry stakeholeders.” The company describes Tactilon Agnet as a “multimedia critical communication and collaboration platform,” which can be used for data and video, as well as voice communications.

The statement continued: “As an end-to-end service, it is easy to integrate into operator infrastructures. It is a futuristic solution for meeting all critical communication needs, leveraging the benefits of mobile broadband, LTE and cloud technology. On top of [the] secure communication platform, users are also given access to integrated technology such as sensors and drones, as well as with IoT platforms.”

Airbus anticipates that the number of Tactilon Agnet users “will approach the 200,000 milestone in the upcoming years.”

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