CCW Platinum Sponsor focus: Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions’ Corporate Vice President, Michael Kaae, talks about the company’s presence at Critical Communications World 2024

Could you discuss what products Motorola Solutions is bringing to Critical Communications World 2024? How have things moved forward since last year?

Motorola Solutions has built a robust and powerful ecosystem of technologies designed to work together to help protect people, property and places. Through organic R&D and acquisitions, we continue to invest in bringing best-in-class technology across voice, video and data to the people and organisations that keep us safe. 

At CCW 2024 we are pleased to be able to demonstrate the latest innovations in TETRA digital radio technology, which continues to serve as the backbone of mission-critical voice communications for public safety organisations. We will also be demonstrating our video security and access control solutions, powered by responsibly built AI, and the command centers. These bring together vital information into a single view, connecting the dots and simplifying workflows for those on the frontline.

What operational issues can be solved by Motorola Solutions’ technology?

We are excited to be demonstrating our safety and security ecosystem. Our solutions enable the collaboration between public safety agencies and enterprises, which can be critical for a proactive approach to safety and security.

We appreciate that our customers across the world, both in public safety and enterprise, are facing increased demands and new safety challenges. Motorola Solutions offers our mission-critical and business-critical customers the ability to streamline their workflows, saving time and resources, thanks to our ecosystem of connected technologies. 

This includes our mobile video solutions, that enable police officers to spend more time on the streets and less time on administrative tasks by collecting and sharing evidence faster. It also includes our fixed video technologies that are helping to create safer communities and businesses through AI-enabled video technology. Plus, our trusted mission critical communications technology that helps those on the frontline to hear and be heard in the most challenging situations. 

Could you describe the company’s operations in the Middle East, and in Dubai in particular?

Motorola Solutions has a longstanding presence in the Middle East and is working with a wide range of customers and partners in the region. We were proud to open our Innovation and Training Center in Dubai in 2022, to further develop engineering talent in the UAE. The culture of innovation at Motorola Solutions enables first responders and global business leaders to operate safely and smoothly, with mission-critical solutions that the UAE and the world need.

What are you hoping to achieve at the show?

Our primary goal is to showcase the transformative potential of connected technologies, particularly those for mission-critical communications. We will be demonstrating how technologies that work together can ease the burden on users, and empower them to act more effectively. 

We will also be highlighting how advancements in AI and video analytics can assist and accelerate human decision-making. And, above all, we are hoping to engage with current and future customers for impactful discussions with those in the public safety and enterprise security communities.