​Zetron is providing its ACOM command and control system to Metro Trains Melbourne in Australia. The operator will be rolling-out the technology at its train control centre, Metrol DRS (central control for the suburban rail network), and at Flinders Street station in the city.

The system, according to the company, will “allow Metro’s drivers, operations staff, station staff and others who help keep the train system running each day to communicate more efficiently, through both voice and data.” Zetron also describes it as “robust” and “highly configurable.”

Speaking of the deployment, vice president of Zetron Australasia, Ranjan Bhagat said: “A transportation system as large and busy as Metro’s demands a system that provides complete communications interoperability, efficiency, and geo-diversity. The ACOM command and control solution was designed specifically to give transportation organisations the ability to successfully manage massive activity volumes across multiple disparate channels without missing a beat.”

Metro operates 220 six-carriage trains across 965 kilometres of track, transporting 415,000 passengers every day. Its communications systems are being renewed in parallel with the rail network itself.

Author: Philip Mason