Rohill successfully performed the Factory Acceptance Test for Navy Brazil. Navy Brazil already operates a TetraNode TETRA network and selected Rohill's TetraNode solution to upgrade and expand their current network

rohill-navy-brazil.pngRohill has performed a successful factory acceptance test for Brazil's Navy, Marinha do Brasil, resulting in it selecting Rohill’s TetraNode system to upgrade and expand its TetraNode TETRA network.

The test was conducted at Rohill’s headquarters in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, to demonstrate the functionality and features of the ordered system. The tests were completed according to schedule and passed by complying with performance and functionality criteria confirming it was ready for Marinha do Brasil's intended use.

Marinha do Brasil has the role of a traditional navy but also carries out the role of organising the merchant navy and other operational safety missions traditionally conducted by a coast guard. The Brazilian Navy is the largest navy in Latin America with over 60,000 active personnel, of which approximately 15,000 are naval infantry.

Author: Tetra Today