PowerTrunk has provided software upgrades to Collins Aerospace TETRA networks at several airports in the USA.

According to a statement, company personnel updated each site’s PowerTrunk-T system, including for the main and redundant central control nodes and network management servers. The airports included Los Angeles International, New York JFK, San Francisco International, and Newark Liberty.

A spokesperson for PowerTrunk said: “As a result [of the software upgrades] the TETRA networks now include the latest software versions, device drivers, and features. This, in turn, improves the internal operational performance of the system and assures that the networks are not affected by obsolescence.”

The networks in question were originally procured by ARINC between 2013 and 2018.

PowerTrunk CEO, Jose Martin, said: “Collins Aerospace’s decision to select TETRA for four major US airports has proven right. TETRA’s cellphone-like speech quality and outstanding background noise cancellation make all the difference in noisy environments.”

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Author: Philip Mason