Intracom Telecom has announced it has supplied an upgraded private wireless transmission network for the government of Botswana.

Using local reseller Nextlan Pty, Intracom has supplied the government of the Southern African country with an upgrade from its OmniBAS microwave product group featuring compact high-performance outdoor and indoor units delivering reliable 4096-QAM two-way transmission.

The upgraded private wireless network will be used to carry all of the Botswanan government's telecommunication traffic including voice, video and data. This will include communications made across the government's backhauled private TETRA network.

Increasing numbers of public safety agencies are swapping dedicated TDM-based backhaul networks with converged packet based backhaul to deliver broadband-based multimedia applications that can transport first responder traffic coming from terrestrial trunked radio.

John Tenidis, marketing director of Intracom's wireless solutions portfolio, said: “This new project confirms that Intracom Telecom’s wireless portfolio is stronger than ever. Our OmniBAS microwave product family has been chosen repeatedly for mission critical applications and sensitive communications.

“Local support and services by Nextlan are crucial to our success in the Botswanan market and we are committed to continue delivering the best technology to our growing list of satisfied customers.”

Botswana has one of the fast growing economies in the world boosted by significant diamond mining supplies.

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Author: Richard Hook