The company has launched its TETRA E-Pack 100 digital wireless ad hoc networking device.

Hytera describes the solution as an “all-in-one radio, repeater and mesh node designed for fast and flexible deployments, such as emergency situations.” All three modes use a single frequency.

According to the company, the device is battery operated, requiring no infrastructure or cables to set up. It can make and receive calls with other E-Packs/TETRA radios via a palm microphone, as well as acting as a repeater. Once deployed, it “automatically links up with other E-packs to form a self-configuring and dynamic ad hoc wireless mesh network.”

Discussing the solution, a spokesperson for Hytera said: “A typical scenario would be a fire in a high-rise building, where coverage is not available, due to the fire or lack of infrastructure. The firefighters’ E-Packs will seamlessly mesh together, using ad hoc links as they move throughout the building. The E-Packs also support radio links to colleagues outside.

“E-Packs are [also] ideal for search and rescue operations over mountainous terrain, as the 10W output delivers wide area coverage. They can extend above ground coverage by providing a temporary signal extension, and provide reliable communications for field workers, such as [those in] electricity or other utilities, working in remote locations.”

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Author: Philip Mason