Beijing Daxing Airport, which is due to open In September, will soon be the second airport in China’s capital city to underpin its operations with a TETRA network from Airbus. The airport will have eight runaways and serve around 100 million passengers a year.

Airbus will provide one Tetra DXTA server, and nine TB3 base stations with eight TTRX 32-channel receivers per base station. For additional resilience, together with enhanced communications and management, the TETRA networks at the Beijing Daxing Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport (which has been using its Airbus TETRA network since 2008) will back each other up and be fully interconnected.

The whole network at Beijing Daxing Airport will go live before 30 September, the airport’s official opening date. Tests performed in April have proved that the interconnectivity between the two airport’s TETRA systems is reliable.

Over the past 10 years, Beijing International Airport’s TETRA network has played a vital role in securing tasks relating to passenger transportation, as well as the logistics of high-scale world sports events. The current system serves over 10,000 subscribers.

Author: Sam Fenwick