Airbus has announced plans to combine its country-wide cybersecurity services activities into a single organisation following the acquisition of Germany’s DSI.

According to Airbus, the new organisation will focus on cybersecurity and safety services, especially in the industrial sector and bring together more than 1,000 experts that work for Airbus across the UK, France, Germany and Spain to meet the needs of national authorities and commercial customers including critical infrastructures.

The new single organisation will be organised around Airbus’ Stormshield subsidiary, which recently set out a multi-million Euro investment plan focused on R&D activities. The Stormshield company has 400 experts and offers data, endpoint and network security solutions.

It will also contain DSI, a Germany-based company certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that provides cryptography and communication systems for the space, airborne, naval and land sectors.

Airbus claimed that the new combined cybersecurity organisation will contribute to major integration projects in France, Germany, UK and Spain around high-level technologies such as cyber defence and cryptography.

Aerospace Data Security will become the new name for DSI after it is acquired fully by Airbus Defence and Space.

Andreas Lindenthal, head of Airbus Space Systems Germany, said: “Cryptography is a key aspect for building secure systems. This acquisition will strengthen our cybersecurity capacities and enable us to create significant value for our customers.

“Cyber-protection is critically important for any system supporting critical infrastructure. Space based systems are no exception. Airbus and DSI DS have a history of partnering on important products and we are excited to continue our success with the start of Aerospace Data Security.”

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Author: Richard Hook