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Valid8 claims MCX first

Test and analytics solutions specialist Valid8 has successfully completed MCX feasibility testing as part of the US Department of Homeland Security's Small Business Innovation Programme.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock/LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS

As part of the contract with the department, the company: “Created, executed, and initially verified the Valid8 mission critical services server test tool proof-of-concept to the current 3GPP specification TS 36.579-3 v13.2.0.”

Valid8 claims that it is the first company to execute automated MCPTT server-to-server tests on a commercially available MCX server.

Discussing the achievement, a spokesperson said: “Achieving [our] objectives produced a very important and practical result, by documenting and demonstrating a process to verify the accuracy of validation of an MCX server-to-server conformance test tool.  

“This process framework has been utilised and proven numerous times by Valid8 to create next generation test tools quickly and well.”

Winnie Carpenter, VP of engineering at Valid8, said: “This work is significant. We have successfully demonstrated the feasibility of creating a test tool that can execute and automate mission critical server-to-server tests.

“By completing these objectives, Valid8 is successfully able to answer ‘yes’ to Phase I questions, such as ‘Can the tests be executed to a ‘pass’ verdict on a commercial MCX server.”