Major industry player integrates LTE and TETRA

Motorola Solutions has launched two new products at this week’s Critical Communications World 2024.

These include its DIMETRA Connect solution, alongside a new TETRA radio – the MXP660 –, allowing users to automatically switch between land mobile LMR and broadband.

According to Motorola Solutions, the DIMETRA Connect is designed to “protect frontline responders' focus by automatically switching between TETRA and broadband networks without manual intervention.” This also has the benefit of “maintaining users' preferred features and talk groups.”

The new MXP660 meanwhile “carries all the hallmarks of a Motorola Solutions mission-critical TETRA radio,” but with the addition of LTE, “AI-trained background noise suppression” and high-power transmission.

The company states that Denmark’s Sikkerhedsnet (SINE) will be among the first networks to deploy DIMETRA Connect. Discussing this, Greater Copenhagen Fire Department division officer, Mogens Sandberg Brix, said: “The ability to automatically switch from LMR to broadband when we move deep inside buildings or into heavily built-up areas is essential to our missions.

“Our teams can stay connected as they fight fires or navigate myriad challenging environments, without losing focus on their priority of protecting life and property.”

Motorola Solutions’ corporate vice president, Michael Kaae, said: “We're taking TETRA further to help first responders stay connected wherever they go. Our new DIMETRA Connect solution automatically switches radio users between TETRA to broadband networks to support seamless communication indoors or when travelling beyond geographical radio network coverage.”

According to the company, additional products on display at Critical Communications World 2024 include its mobile policing application platform, PSCore for Android, its V500 body camera, M500 in car video system, and more.