US court imposes global bar on Hytera two-way radio operations

A US court has imposed sanctions on Hytera, temporarily barring it from selling two-way radio products globally. The company has complied with the orders and is “taking measures to lift the [injunction] as soon as possible.”

According to a statement issued by Hytera itself: “The US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has temporarily enjoined [Hytera], from sales and distributing only two-way radio products anywhere in the world, pending Hytera’s full compliance with the US Court’s anti-suit injunction orders.

“Hytera respects the US Court’s decision and is working to achieve full compliance with [its] anti-suit injunction orders.”

Following the decision by the court, the company issued a notice to all of its “agents, distributors, resellers, customers, and prospective customers that it is prohibited from conducting the activities set forth above.”

The decision by the US court is the latest episode in an ongoing dispute over trade secrets taking place between the company and Motorola Solutions.

The US Justice Department charged Hytera with alleged conspiracy to commit theft of trade secrets in 2022, with Motorola Solutions having originally accused the Chinese company of infringement in 2017. Hytera denied the 2022 charges, saying in a statement at the time that it “respectfully disagrees with the allegations.”

Following the charges, in June of 2022, Hytera filed a case with the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, seeking a judgement that its H-series products do not infringe on Motorola Solutions trade secrets and copyrights.

The current sanctions are a response to that, with the Northern District of Illinois Court stating: “On March 25, 2024, this Court directed Hytera to ‘refrain from further pursuing or enforcing’ its China Action… and on March 29, 2024, ordered Hytera to ‘withdraw from the action’ 

“The Court finds that Hytera is in violation of these orders. Unless otherwise noted below, these Contempt Sanctions are effective until Hytera is in full compliance with the Court’s orders.”