UK FRS updates fire station connectivity

Avon Fire and Rescue Service in the UK has rolled out routers manufactured by Cradlepoint to its 21 fire stations.

According to Cradlepoint, the devices will provide “failover support and continuous connectivity” in each location.

Discussing the rationale for the rollout, a spokesperson for the company said: “Avon FRS received notice from its previous provider that its secondary connectivity bearer would be withdrawn at the end of March 2022.

“Following this, Avon FRS engaged with Telent - Cradlepoint's channel partner - and [they] quickly deployed Cradlepoint's NetCloud service and wireless edge routers.”

The spokesperson continued: “Unlike the previous system, Netcloud proactively flagged when connectivity failed. This allowed engineers to address any network issue remotely, significantly reducing downtime.”

Avon FRS station manager, John Craig, said: "We cover an incredibly high-risk and expansive environment. Failures in communication can put the lives of our teams and the public at risk. Cradlepoint has helped us significantly reduce that threat.

“We are already looking into installing [its] routers in our fleet of fire appliances and look forward to our future together."