Teltronic: new product will revolutionise rail comms

Teltronic has developed the RTP-800, a solution which it says will fundamentally change train-to-ground communications.

According to the company, the product integrates TETRA (for voice and data), LTE (data) and Wi-Fi (MCPTT and VoIP) within a single rack. It is “configured as a single, standardised hardware platform.”

Speaking of the product, a spokesperson said: “What makes [the RTP-800] unique in the market is that its hardware [can] be fully dedicated to broadband communications. [It is] a completely independent and transparent interface, allowing transmission data without interfering with mission critical functionalities, and without having to add additional equipment.”

“In this way, it provides massive transmission of data for railway signalling applications and on-board video services. All voice services work correctly without any downtime.”

Connectivity includes Ethernet, serial ports, as well as a digital audio switching matrix enabling integration with train audio subsystems. The solution has been designed to comply the European FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) standard.

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