Teltronic connects Tavantolgoi coal mine with TETRA network

Spanish telecoms group Teltronic has successfully deployed a TETRA network to serve a railway corridor linking the Gashuunsukhait Port in Mongolia with one of the largest untapped coking and thermal coal deposits in the world.

The railway line linking Bodi International’s Tavantolgoi Coal Mine and the port on the Chinese border will run through the most southern part of Mongolia, along a 250km route that includes six passing sidings and two train stations to support freight transport of up to 30 million tonnes per year.

Teltronic has installed a complete communications solution of TETRA digital technology along the line based on its NEBULA infrastructure. This includes two control nodes as well as the indoor and outdoor base stations necessary to cover the 250 kilometres of the track spanning the hot, sandy and windy environmental conditions that occur in such a hostile environment as the Gobi of Mongolia.

In addition, the company has also supplied the on-board radios for each of the 16 locomotives that will serve the line, as well as the portable, mobile and desktop terminals used by control, security and maintenance personnel. The system is completed with Teltronic’s control centre and call dispatching solution, CeCoCo, with two operator stations.

Teltronic’s transport business development director Felipe Sanjuán said: “Teltronic has a long history in the development of communication solutions for heavy haul mining railways, and the trust that Bodi International has placed in us only confirms the leading position that Teltronic has in the transport market, with comprehensive solutions that give us the ability to be a single supplier with extensive experience in the development of projects fully adapted to the needs of each client.”

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