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Telefónica accelerates AI effort

Telefónica Tech has highlighted its ten global “specialised artificial inteligence centres.”

Telefónica Tech director of AI, Elena Gil Lizasoain

According to the company, it currently has over 400 staff “dedicated to the research, development and application of AI use cases for customers,” across a variety of verticals. These staff operate in Spain, the UK, Central Europe, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Verticals include public administration, health, industry and sport.

Discussing these sectors in more detail, a spokesperson said: “In healthcare, Telefónica Tech has developed a joint product with Solventum to boost the optimisation of hospital emergency services. Artificial intelligence is making it possible to predict the number of patients who will attend, what specialties they will require and how many of them may need to be admitted.

“In industry, the application of artificial intelligence [is helping to] exploit data generated in the factory, thereby facilitating demand planning, predictive maintenance and quality control.”

Telefónica Tech director of AI, Elena Gil Lizasoain, said: “We have numerous technological solutions to optimise the processes of organisations based on artificial intelligence. [AI has] enormous potential when combined with other technologies such as IoT, blockchain and cybersecurity.

“The global knowledge and experience of our teams is allowing us to help companies predict the demand for their products, automate processes, improve their decision making and personalise their customers‘ experience’.”