TCCA publishes broadband procurement white paper

TCCA has published a new white paper focussing on the requirements for bringing critical broadband devices to market.

Speaking of the publication, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “This paper takes a detailed look at the requirements that operators and users need to consider in order to achieve successful mission critical device procurement.

“The narrowband device ecosystem is well established, including infrastructure and terminal suppliers, system integrators, service providers and resellers. From a device procurement perspective, there are existing frame agreements in place. The solution costs are well known, device lifecycles are long, and there are no major changes in the product specifications. For TETRA, TCCA’s interoperability (IOP) process allows for multi-vendor procurement."

The spokesperson continued: “Bringing broadband devices to a niche market that meet the demanding needs of mission-critical users will require investments by vendors and commitment from customers in terms of development support, minimum order quantities, and user testing and acceptance.

“Device and operating system software lifecycles of broadband devices are short compared to narrowband radios, even though vendors are doing their best to extend them. The current procurement, testing, certification and approval processes required for PPDR usage therefore need to be adapted accordingly.”

Chair of TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group, Tero Pesonen, said: “The mission critical broadband device value chain is substantially different from that of narrowband. This is an important and timely white paper where TCCA members address the potential pitfalls of device procurement. It merits being read thoroughly around the world to the benefit of users and network operators as well as device vendors.”

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