TCCA begins search for new CEO

Following the announcement of his intention to retire, TCCA is beginning the process of recruiting a replacement for current CEO Tony Gray.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “TCCA is the catalyst for global open standards critical communications development. It has celebrated its 25th year with an increasing membership, new and ongoing involvement in many key projects across the sector, and the hugely successful global virtual event Critical Communications Week.

“TCCA acts in the interests of its members to strengthen and enhance the critical communications ecosystem. This work is overseen by Tony Gray.”

Speaking of the recruitment of a new CEO, chair of the TCCA board, Mladen Vratonjić, said: “The new CEO needs an in-depth knowledge of critical communications in order to properly represent the interests of all our members from around the world, to collaborate with our partners, oversee our programmes and maintain and enhance our public profile.

“We have achieved a great deal under Tony’s leadership, and we look forward to the new CEO building on this, and further strengthening the association and the sector, to the benefit of all our members.”

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