Spain: Guardia Civil Special Forces unit to use covert P25 radios

In Spain, a special forces unit of the country’s national Guardia Civil is deploying covert Project 25 (P25) radios from Motorola Solutions, to enable the secure and encrypted communications it needs for its operations.

Motorola Solutions is supplying the special forces unit with several hundred APX encrypted handheld and mobile P25 terminals, along with specialised portable repeaters. All the devices will be supported by Motorola Solutions’ Service From The Start programme, which includes priority support and fast turnaround times for repairs.

“Secure communications is a core component of the unit’s operations.” Guardia Civil commented. “Moving from our previous communications solution, we searched for a solution that was discreet enough for covert operations, but powerful enough for long ranged direct mode communications, and Motorola Solutions had the exact fit for us - not to mention the maximum level of encryption and top grade ruggedness of military standards.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with one of Spain’s best law enforcement units,” said Sergio Redomero-Gonzalez, Spain and Portugal sales manager, Motorola Solutions. “The solution chosen by the special unit will allow them to communicate efficiently and discreetly in their complex operations.”